Friday, July 25, 2014

Fantastic Movie Poster Of The Week

Even if you knew NOTHING about Ant Man, you would want to see this movie just from the poster alone. I just love the costume as well. That would be a great Halloween costume if I had any skill. That or Star Lord. This is an old piece of tape but gives you some idea of how cool and Ant Man movie could be.

Ant-Man (2012) - Edgar Wright Concept Teaser by Eklecty-City


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

This, Avengers 2, and Jurassic Park 4. Summer is starting to heat up!

Mike D. said...

I loved the Marvel Feature issues featuring Ant-Man ...the Dr. Nemesis cover with the tweezers is my favorite out of the bunch. I love Ant-Man can't wait for a movie

Kal said...

You have seen the test footage, right?