Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Loose Figures To The Collection Of Cool

I never collect loose action figures unless they are complete. I hate missing pieces that came with the original figures and the loss of the box they were originally packaged in. I even tell my mother not to bother because she never knows the difference between a superhero and a monster truck when she sees toys at a garage sale.

These three guys she brought home are sturdy rescue characters and one even comes with his working fire hose gun. I like the heft and weight to these figures. They have no sharp corners and are virtually indestructible for a toddler to play with. I could happily display them with all my other wacky figures that don't quite fit with every other superhero toy I have. Can't have too many toys in the collection so I am thankful to have these colorful figures.



Mike said...

Awwww. Yer Mama loves you : )

Mike D. said...

Yes... Very thoughtful. Shows that your Mom is always thinking of you