Saturday, February 11, 2017

Daily Reminder - I Hate To Remind You Again

No one knows WHY the population is growing? For a bunch of smart ocean guys you refuse to see the obvious. They are building an army covering 7/10ths of the Earth's surface. They are in a position to communicate across vast distances nearly simultaneously and can eliminate any competition or pro-human fish quickly and efficiently. They are the Nazis of the oceans. They also have contact with all the alien spaceships sitting on the bottom of the oceans. Who knows what they picked up from those off planet troublemakers. I have been warning you all about this for YEARS and you thought I was crazy. Well who is the crazy one now?? Stay away from the water. Things are happening behind the scenes that may save us all but I have said too much already. And don't get me started on how the insane radiation being emitted from the Fukashima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan might be giving the Octopus super powers and expanding their evil brains.
Scientists aren’t completely sure what’s causing these tentacled creatures to proliferate so widely, but they have a few theories. One idea is that humans have killed off large numbers of predatory fish that would normally compete with the cephalopods for food. But it’s also possible that these species are simply better equipped to deal with rising ocean temperatures than some other ocean animals.

The lead author of the study, Zoe Doubleday, told Gizmodo that the success of these species can largely be attributed to rapid population turnover rates, saying, “Cephalopods tend to boom and bust—they’re called the weeds of the sea. If environmental conditions are good, they can rapidly exploit those conditions because they grow so fast.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t all good news for the species involved. Researchers warn that if the number of cephalopods rises too high, the animals may be forced to resort to cannibalism due to lack of food. As they take over larger portions of the marine ecosystem, they may also be harvested in greater numbers and become a more important staple in the human diet. Either way, the cephalopod population boom is likely to be a mixed blessing for the species involved.



j-swin said...

Well there you go, either we'll eat them or they'll eat themselves. Problem solved....oooh, unless their plan is to be eaten by us, therefore invading out bodies on a cellular level and slowly changing us into half cephalopod drones to do their bidding above water. Think about it.

nolan said...
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nolan said...

On a related note:

Enjoy the nightmares...

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You just described the perfect alien virus delivery system.