Thursday, February 16, 2017

New To The Collection Of Cool - ICONS - Batgirl and Motorcycle Set

There are some figures that are so special that you put them on pre-order and you wait more than a year for them to come out. This is an example of such a figure SET. I also love that I can find great photos of how the figure looks out of the package as I don't open my figures up. I prefer them sealed because I like to see how the figure and the packaging works together and it preserves all those little pieces that always get lost. That is one of my pet peeves. I have two tubs of loose figures that I will NEVER put together because all the sorting would make me mental. I should have never opened the first fifty or so figures that I bought when I started collecting. Don't get me wrong they will look great in a display case but first they have to be reassembled and I don't have the strength for that. I always thought I would hire a kid to do it for me. With a laptop and the right website he can do it. Package everything together that should be together. I would get harder as you went along but I think it would be a character building experience as well. Patience. Something I lost a long time ago. I can't slow down my world to that speed. I can't. I won't. Anyways - COOL Batgirl that I am just loving. The Batgirl of Burnside design of her costume is the best costume redesign in the last twenty years and the purple has always been her color. This is the live action Batgirl that we need to appear on one of those DC superhero TV shows.



Barbecue17 said...

Dang, dude. If I were your neighbor I'd gladly go through a bin of action figures and put everything together. That's the kind of stuff I live to do!

BTW, glad you like Babs! She's such an awesome figure!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

See, I need a neighbor like you.