Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Next From DC Animation - Teen Titans - The Judas Contract

I see they have taken some liberties with the classic story. I also wish we could have had the ORIGINAL Nightwing costume but this is what we are getting so I will try to enjoy it while lamenting how great the original comic book in the 80s was. Deathstroke became the major bad guy and he took all of them out one by one because he knew their identity from a spy he had planted in their group. He defeated them when they least expected it except for Robin who escaped and came up with a new costume and character name as a result of Deathstroke knowing his secret identity - he was never Robin again and became Nightwing.

It was a major step up for Dick Grayson and made him even more independent from the Batman. This was his graduation into adulthood and the story met all those lofty goals. The Art by George Perez was gorgeous as well and the writing by Marv Wolfman was some of the best stuff he ever did. This is one you should look for in it's collection form.

He fell out of his package but I still have all the parts to my Destroke from the Judas Contract story.



Timothy Brannan said...

Been waiting for this one for a while now!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Me too. I don't like some of the changes and I was hoping for slavish adaptation.