Monday, February 6, 2017

Russia Demands An Apology From Fox News Because Bill O’Reilly Called President Vladimir Putin A ‘Killer’

Oh Vlad. Say it isn't so. You are as close as we come to a real life James Bond villain as we have in this world. Now after a couple of months with Trump you have become a butt hurt snowflake just like your buddy. Like you have never been called a killer before. I wouldn't be surprised if that was one of your tattoos. This does not bode well for the mevi mythology you have carefully crafted all these years.

I really wished you would have called me before making this statement.... This is just the kind of thing that O'Reilly needs get worked up over. He has his own followers and he's tasting a chance to be relevant by warning America about the Russian threat. So maybe for us it's not a bad thing that you made him an enemy but for you it will be a pain in your ass and a MAJOR distraction for your boy, Trump. Or did you want those two to severe their friendship. Are you JEALOUS?? This is exactly how and why James Bond beat the villain in every film. It's the HUBRIS that brings you down more than anything else. And you are pretty full of yourself after pulling off the steal of the US election.

So relax. Go to a Judo class and beat on some yellow belts and leave crazy biased media outlets like FOX to their own increasingly laughable devices.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's one of the few statements that Trump has made that I actually think is refreshingly honest.

DrGoat said...

Screw that arrogant prick. He's one one the miscreants we were talking about in the Nick Adams post. Both of them.