Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Snowflake By Paul Sizer

THE SNOWFLAKE is a hero's mantle that all may wear, regardless of gender, race, nationality or orientation. Our diversity is our strength, our numbers are our power. WE ARE THE AVALANCHE!

I love this idea so much. Now I want to see the action figures. Had a fun time online coming up with background information on the characters with others on Sizer's feed. Who are these heroes? Who do they work for? Are they like SHIELD? How do they get chosen? How do they get their powers? Do they have an iceberg lair that they work out of? Is it off the coast of Newfoundland? Did Calvin come up with that idea? (The answer to that one is YES). Are they like the Green Lantern Corp only with ice? So many good direction to go in.
"Alone we are single snowflakes but together we are an AVALANCHE!"


Timothy Brannan said...

Now that is cool!

Sounds like a great idea for an RPG character.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It is. I love the way sizer has taken the derogatory term and turned it into a heroic character.