Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesdays From The Toybox

Toy Fair is this week in New York where many of next year's toys are displayed.
Of all the figures out there, Spider-Man is the most amazing when it comes to articulation. I wouldn't be surprised if this one had more than 30 such points which is UNHEARD of with any other character. You can pose him in the most twisty ways and recreated any movements of the character that your imagination can come up with.

FINALLY, a Mary Jane Watson figure.

Can't get enough Lady Thors. Excellent character design.

Great set with Alfred and all those great machines. Again, I would never open the box but for someone who displays his/her figures loose, this is a gift to the Animated Batman figure fan.

I have a love/hate relationship with H.E.R.B.I.E.

Kenner are releasing six inch figures that mimic the original 3 3/4 inch figures from the 70s. I had a Luke and a Darth Vader back then but these look good. If I collected Star Wars I would snap these up. I might get this Leia just because. For such a fan of the franchise I am surprised I have very few Star Wars pieces because there are already too may of them out there mint in box. They are easy to find on the secondary market because they have little value because everyone and their cat collects them. I would like a nice light saber prop however.
Great Garloo and Class GI JOE are always treasure.
I wish I had more of these older toys.

I am looking forward to this 12 inch Katanna.

New DC Super Hero Girls look good.

Nothing better than a Damian Wayne figure.
Killer Moth is obviously color blind but he was one of Batgirls first villains so he has a soft spot in my heart.

Love these classic Justice League statues. Such a great series with fantastic character designs. Hawkgirl was always a favorite of mine.

There is nothing worse than a BUILD A FIGURE. That is when a line of action figures each contains the parts to make a larger figure. But you have to buy all the figures in the line to get all the parts you need to do this. Then you have to OPEN the packages to get the pieces. It's such bullshit. I wish they would just make the larger figure and sell them complete. It's such a rip-off that I don't have a FING FANG FOOM or GALACTUS or ARIM ZOLA just because I will never collect all the pieces. And to find one already put together is costly. It's my least favorite thing about action figure collecting.

If we had props like this as kids my brain would have exploded.

Monkey in a spacesuit wins the day every time.

Nothing better than a top of the line Rocketeer. If I could only have ONE of these Sideshow figures it would be this one. Gorgeous design.


DrGoat said...

Now there's some neat stuff there Cal. Wish I had more of my toys from when I was a kid. Managed (thanks to my Mom) to keep a few. Robert the Robot, a Bulldog tank (from the 60s), and my battery operated Pom Pom Navel guns. They still work, mostly.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You have some real treasures there. I would love to see more pictures of them.

Dr. Theda said...

believe that the figure that you called "Fire-Fly", is actually "Killer Moth's" old outfit... have a pleasant day, good Sir Kal...

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You are right of course. THaks for the catch

Dr. Theda said...

he had a rather "lame" costume (and we recognized his mask)... all the Heroes thought of him as a "Joke" and he was even laughed at by the other Villains... very poor "self-image" after all of that...

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

I have that DCUC Killer Moth on card still- wonderful line of action figures. I may need that Katana

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

She looks great. Cloth costumes and the rooted hair. I love those kind of figures the most.