Friday, June 16, 2017

The Article You Are About Read Proves Many Things

I can write great opinion pieces on any story in pop culture. I see a story that gets me thinking a bunch of questions and I am off to the races. I spend every day of my life trying to fill it with something to do least I go crazy as the time just goes by. If I didn't I would be on the roof of the city water tower with a rifle and one bullet (I mean let's not get nuts here. The bullet is the one warning shot I give to law enforcement that I am a serious person and I need help.)

But today I wrote something so good I think I would call it a PIECE. It's a nice little story from the ubiquitous SHARK WEEK, one of the great weeks of all weeks. Christmas Week has it's charms but Santa never had a team of sharks pull his sleigh.

So enjoy it. And tell me what you think in the comments. I haven't bitched about comments in awhile because the odd dozen of you who do so regularly are connected to my stuff. It's because we all feel very similar on a number of things. Strange things, but mostly funny things. I would use the work GOOFY things. I suspect most of the other followers feel the same. They just don't say it. I get that. I just enjoy someone's else's post and just move on without leaving my two cents because it would need to be complicated. It's doesn't. Nice Image Avalanche is a good one comment. Three words that bring so much joy.

Anyways, I am just talking out loud. Enjoy the story you are about to read. I should be getting paid by websites that thrive on this kind of opinion and comment on Pop Culture moments. But we all the the MAN would never allow me the success.

Yours Truly

The Board of Directors of Cave of Cool Inc.


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Most excellent, Cal. You should do more stuff like that.