Sunday, February 25, 2018

Another Meme About Me

Favorite smell - lavander
Favorite Pizza- extra cheese and pepperoni
Favorite flower - Tulips - they are the first flowers of spring. If the tulip harvest is good the summer will be good. I plant bulbs every fall since I was a pre-teen and spent a few weeks in Holland with my sister and my Mother while my Dad was on NATO war games. The Cold War was no joke at the human, family level.
Dog Breed- Pugs because they always look like they are laughing at me. I feel like a funny person to them. Better than being judged by a trilling cat. She just can't RELAX. Baroness Frosty needs to CHILL.
Favorite foot attire - Sneakers
Hair color - golden. But I never had good hair. I have an okay bald head so I am okay with losing my hair. Couldn't wait to shave my head. Cal doesn't do the combover.
Favorite ice cream - Tiger Tiger because you have to go to a specialty ice cream shop to get it. I have one of those five minutes from my house that only opens from May to September but ice cream treats and cones that are to die for.
Pet peeves- People who think the Octopus are our friends. They think all those spiked tentacles are there to just hug you tighter. They are not consuming you with their sharp beak but they are ripping you apart while they are doing it. Oh and I hate Nazis as well. Nazis deserve a beating.
Shorts or jeans - Space station jump suit and white socks but I have said too much already.
What are you listening to now - Howard Stern
Color of your vehicle - don't have one
Color of eyes -  blue, like the Fremen of Arakis
Favorite Holiday - Krampusnacht
Night owl or day person - Hello darkness my old friend.
Favorite day of the week - Friday
Nickname- Calvin. I have a name. What do I need with a Nickname? It's madness.
Favorite music - Everything I ever consumed in the 70s, 80s and 90s, plus some of that old country and western albums. Except for Conway Twitty. I always hated that hillbilly retard. I just want to slap his smug, smug face.
Do you like to cook - yes, I absorbed much of the Food Channel when my Father was alive. Learned alot from IRON CHEF which we both loved. The English translation of that show is magnificent to listen to.
Beer or wine? - Beer is swill to my palette. Wine makes me giggle. Shut up.
Can you drive a manual shift? - I learned on my 77 Volkswagon Beatle. I loved that car. Damn fine German engineering. The ONLY good thing the Nazis ever created. It's a genius vehicle. I want to have a punch buggy now. I also feel the need to punch a Nazi despite their efficient engineering skills.
Do you work out? - Cal does not run, jump, or climb. Those things will kill a man my age and only the GODS should be able to kill a man my age.
Do you like vegetables? - They are okay people. They don't make much conversation though. They just kinda lie there. What is the point? It's cruel to keep them living that kind of life. Must be a horror. meant the the food vegetables. My mistake.
Do you wear glasses? - When I want to see sometimes.
Favorite season? Fall



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, I had an extra cheese and pepperoni pizza for supper tonight.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That is TOO funny. Did you have to have a discussion with the guy on the phone about how extra cheese IS a topping. I get TWO toppings with my medium pizza. The BASIC pizza is cheese, sauce and crust. Can we agree on that. Now my FIRST topping is EXTRA CHEESE and my SECOND topping is PEPPERONI. Certainly they can see that instead of giving me grief and charging me extra for cheese but don't do the same with any other topping. I made the guy feel so much for my plight that he used a couplon to give me five dollars off. I order from Family Pizza exclusively so I am happy we could come to an understanding.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

NOW, do you understand my madness?

DrGoat said...

Thin, crispy crust, extra cheese, and Italian sausage. Yummy in my tummy.