Sunday, February 25, 2018

Reboot:The Guardians Code - First Trailer

I was a huge fan of the original REBOOT back in the day. It was a Canadian production that was entirely computer generated and really tried to explain the basics of computing to kids like me who were just getting into the new technology. It was the first ever animated series to be completly computer generated so for the time it was pretty revolutionary and unlike anything we had seen before. It's looks clunky now but it was cutting edge and proved that computer animation was possible as a way to tell a high concept story.

Sure these kids look like computerized Power Rangers but I will give this one a look when it is released. Canada does have a good track record for making these kind of shows that appeal to tweens and younger children and that kind of show can be great if it's good. I am hoping for good. Something familiar that is not such a chore to watch like the CW superhero shows. Those shows have so much fluff and filler that it kills me to keep up. I await the CW EDIT that takes out all the relationship bullshit and just leave the superheroics. This Guardian Code looks solid. I also like all the pretty colors and the personalized weapons. Everyone always gets personalized weapons that they know how to use instinctively with MASTERY from the very first time they use their powers. Why can't the spear girl get a sword or vise versa? There is no reason for it.

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