Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I saw this story and I just had to rant. You are not obligated to read anything but if you enjoy the antics of this muppet I will only enrage you so just pass this one by. I will have a cat caption up soon enough and you can turn your outrage to THAT sin against nature you caption hating mutants.

Yeh, YOU believe you would have run in there without a weapon like John Mclain. None of us in the real world believe you would do it and to have the absolute HUBRIS to say that outloud to our faces is such a FUCK YOU to all of us out here, who are sane,

I could think for a month and still not run out of ways I wish this maggot to be tortured because it makes me feel good to know that maybe the Universe will hear my plea and deliver upon this piece of shit SUCH an example of KARMA that the whole planet would collectively GET WOKE as the kids would say. Then, united in our unified hatred of this worst example of us that there has ever been aside from Hitler and the rest of the top scumbags that History remembers, we would at least try to create a world with some sense of truth, fairness and justice. You could still thrive to have alot but not an obscene amount.

You can still have your guns but we will make it tougher for you to get the AMMUNITION for those guns until you PROVE to us why you need so much of it. I want their to be more money put into school programs that provide musical and dramatic and technoogy classes with as much money and enthusiasm that is currently only put into boy's sports to the exclusion of everything else.

And we will find a way to eliminate the toxic elements in our society that only encourage and legitimize hate and racism and division. If you think that way your time is quickly coming to an end. Your tribe is getting smaller and is still so lily white that we can see you in the dark. Especially when you march with you Tiki torches or you burn your crosses. Crawl back into your rat holes because if you shove your shit in our faces we will stomp you. The moral high ground allows me to treaten you in this way.

Oh and if you are a politician who has coasted all these decades by being an absolute cunt, your time is ending as well. And the best part is that it is your own sweet, educated, entitled and pissed off Millenial grandchildren that will be your undoing. And worse still is that you don't have the scary Black Man, President Barack Obama to blame all the bad things on. Bad things which you prevented him from solving and which you didn't solve yourselves so go fuck yourselves. You got your boy donald, the idiot trump as your leader. May god have mercy on your soul because the wedgie you are about to get is going to hurt SO BAD.

Keep the faith my brothers and sisters. Our side is going to win and things will change because we will collectively make them change. There are more of us than them and they are not smart enough to even see the AVALANCHE coming.

Oh and for trump? Just leave him to his devices and machinations. Enjoy the comedy show. I promise his Impeachment Trial with the HUGEST ratings ever and trust me, this dork ass piece of shit would even implicate himself if he thought his downfall would bring even MORE eyes to his story.

He's a lesson. Learn it so we never have to live through times like this again.

(Damn, that is GOOD writing)


dan muray said...

Sorry ---still love him....dan

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Then your sadness will taste extra sweet. You hitched your wagon to an ammoral bag of shit. Good luck with that.

jester59388 said...

And there are some people that enjoy hearing Yoko Ono "sing" too. Or that think Rob Liefeld's art is THE SHIT (as opposed to just shit like the rest of us).

We can't save them all, Brother Cal. We just have to hope we and my beloved country can survive their stupidity. (Lord knows, we're already paying too much for it.)

Kal said...

Thanks for the reminder.