Friday, February 16, 2018

Black Panther (2018)

Throughout watching the movie I was struck by how it was often the strength, love and support of the WOMEN in T'Challa's inner circle that give him the ability to go beyond what he thought he was capable of. They are the reason for his compassion and they are his most secret weapon because when they are behind him he is unbeatable. Truly a man worthy to be king. They open him up to wisdom as well and that also distinguishes him as unique in this world. I wondered how much we could accoplish as a planet if we just build women up and let them be magnificent but we seem to prefer to fear them, abuse them and keep them down while they raise the babies and keep civilization from falling into the abyss.

Danai Gurira who plays General Okoye is fantastic in the role . We all remember her from the Walking Dead as Michonne and like in that show she is glorious, brave and strong. Another stereotype broken.

His sister Shuri is fantastic. So charming and funny and a smart ass who has no tolerance for being told that she is 'less than' because she is a female. She has a huge career in front of her because he is magnetic on screen.
The royal sandals?? Any scene with Princess Suri is GOLD. She is such a SMART rebellious smartass who knows her own value in a way I wish so many other girls would. Did I mention that all the female characters are just as magnificent? The Panther's Ex and even his mother are women of substance. These are the kind of heroes that I want little girls to see in themselves.

I won't even go into all the cool Afrofuturism that dominates the design of this film. It's so colorful and beautiful and REAL. I believed instantly that this world existed. I believed the relationships and connections between the past and the future. It's such a rich viewing experience.

Then there is the story which is thrilling to watch unfold. I rarely have enjoyed a film more than I have the Black Panther and I have already seen so many of the scenes already. It didn't matter. There were so many great things to enjoy here. This is the kind of movie that makes you plan the NEXT time you want to see it and who you want to share it with. Personally my friend Christie said in passing that it might look interesting so I am taking her and her 11 year old daughter to see it on Tuesday. I feel like I OWE it to share this film with someone and especially a child who might never get to see it. I am hoping she develops and love and interest in the whole MCU movie universe so I an educate them both fully before the Infinity Wars begin.

The soundtrack is the first one that I have downloaded in a long time because I found that I liked each song that they used in the various trailers. I don't listen to much modern music but this Kendrick Lemarr is the real deal who knows how to collaborate with other artists to create music that can cut through all volume of garbage music that is out there and now we have something fresh and new to go with a movie that is also a fresh and new dealbreaker.

Andy Serkis is terrific as the insane, amoral, murderous racist. He's just the kind of unpredictable psychopath that is the right choice for the bad guy because like the Panther he is a force of nature and Serkis plays Ulysses Klaw with great relish. The man is long overdue for recognition come awards season but he won't because Andy only maked the kind of super successful adventure and fantasty movies that the Oscars don't respect but SHOULD by creating a new POPULAR CULTURE film catagory to cover the attention the best actions in this genre deserve.

"Guns, so primitive" - LOVES me some General Okoye. She is the baddass of all baddass warrior chicks. Not since Grace Jones in Conan The Destroyer. have I been so impressed with a Sister's battle skills.

I enjoyed the arguments the character have about life and death and who is worthy to enjoy the benefits of Wakanda's medical science and who is not. Their are also debates about how best to be a King in a world that always forces you to make tough decisions. This is not just a superhero film. This is Shakespeare tragedy. I could watch a Black Panther movie every year. That is if he survives Infinity War.

I might hve to see the movie three times to get all these cool popcorn holders.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

But what about the Black Panther head bowl? Did you get one of those?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

NO..those bastards didn't sell those. They still had old popcorn tubs that were not movie specific. Thanks trump. Thanks Red Deer.

Unknown said...

God damn, it was so good! For the first time in a long time I wanted to go right back in and watch a movie again immediately. The whole cast was truly amazing, but Letitia Wright as Shuri stole my heart. As far as I’m concerned this is a very high bench mark for Marvel.

Unknown said...

Also Wakanda Forever!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Damn right it was good. I thought I had dimmed my joy by being so into every bit of information about this film and I couldn't stop shaking from joy most of the time. Wakanda Forever indeed.

Rob R said...

I loved every flipping' minute of this film! In fact, I bought tickets again for tonight so I could bring my 11 year old nephew!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am doing the same. I am taking my friend and her 11 year old daughter on Tuesday.