Sunday, November 3, 2013

Krrish 3

I read an article this weekend about this movie and how Bollywood has no history of Superheroes in their film industry or even in Indian culture. They had to build a mythology from scratch in order to sell their target audience on the idea of a hero with superpowers. People seem to have no problem believing in magical situations if there are star-crossed lovers involved and lots of singing and dancing.

Krrish tries it's best to be anti-Bollywood. I can see how much everyone WANTS to break into song and dance but they supress it (for the most part) for the project.

I was fascinated by the free use of both Hindi and English in the script. Whenever someone prays they pray in English. When they REALLY want to make their point - English. Any conversations with foreigners - English. It's a bizarre contradiction. Hindi sentences will often be peppered with English words and phrases with no pattern being evident. I could pick up just enough of the story as the film was working in the background.

The movie also drew the majority of it's funding from many sources, including Corn Flakes, McDonalds and a rock music station in Mumbai. Third World crowd sourcing at it's finest.

The effects are cutting edge for audiences used to the fantastical. I appreciated the crazy stunts like when Krrish saves a plane by releasing it's stuck landing gear. All the wire work is cool in how fake it looks. That may sound like a critique but it's not meant as one. Krrish moves differently than any person as he SHOULD because he is unlike anyone else. He can't fly but he can leap huge distances in a single bound. In that way he has to think his way around the city while trying to keep collateral damage at a minimum.

Krrish teaches a good lesson about doing right and being a hero in everyday life. I understand and support that message in any language. I hope some factory in Mumbai is pumping out Krrish action figures as we speak.

Opps. I spoke too soon. THERE is the elaborately choreographed musical number. Hell, what would a Bollywood superhero movie be without one? I think I would have felt cheated. They really know how to dance in synch over there. It's a huge part of the culture and I see the appeal. The dancers are all fit and good looking. Good on you Hindus. You would never catch the Muslims rocking it out this hard.

I suspect the story has to do with a virus in the water supply that Krrish is powerless to stop. He is only one guy and can only save one person at a time...or not save them as the case may be. Brother Krrish's feelings run deep.


OK. I guess you can. YAAAAAAA KRRISH.

Krrish is a Bollywood superhero movie, and it's the sequel to a movie I haven't seen. You don't really need to see the original movie to enjoy Krrish, either. The story is your basic superhero tale. There's not much that's highly original about Krrish, but when you get down to it, how many superhero movies are original? Does it matter if you're having a good time while eating popcorn?

Krrish's biggest problem, at least for a western audience, is that it's really long. There's some fairly cool action but the movie is very leisurely paced up until the final 20 minutes or so. Krishna doesn't even become Krrish until almost the last hour.

That said, Krrish is a better superhero movie than quite a few of the superhero flicks I've seen coming out of Hollywood in the last few years. It's relentlessly colorful, upbeat for the most part, and kept a smile on my face. Not a small feat for a three hour film.
  - Rotten Tomatoes


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I don't think Hindu culture has developed superheroes because they have all those cool Gods and Goddesses who essentially serve the same function. And people still believe in them. I think cultures that create superheroes are ones that largely no longer believe in deities. Like ours, for instance.

Kal said...

That makes a lot of sense to me. I never thought of it like that. Look at you, schooling ME!

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I'm not fond of dance numbers at the end of animated features *cough* Dreamworks *cough* but for some reason I always give a pass to goofy song and dance numbers in Japanese superhero movies.

Unknown said...

it is a awesome movie and now you can buy krish 3 toys and game from the market and online also....