Monday, June 29, 2015

A Nice Moral Victory

Finally someone is calling Trump on his racist bullshit. There are many, many reasons why Trump has been avoided his due Karma up to this time. To take away the ego mobile that is the Apprentice will hit him where it hurts him the most. I am interested to hear his spin on this. He only speaks for himself. He has no spokesperson lest THEY mangle his words.

Of course the show will be sold to another network desperate to show this program. Want to be that FOX finds a way to shoehorn the Apprentice into their fall schedule? Trump is their boy. They will find some way to prop up this crumbling monument to buffoonery. He says what all of them are thinking.

Trump has learned that ratings don't count for shit when you make a television NETWORK feel uncomfortable. Networks always treat incidents like this seriously because their entire business model relies on appealing to an advertising demographic. They can't be tarred with the same brush as this celebrity offender. Trump put them in this position. The squirming of the bigots continue.

No more Ivanka?? That hurt ME! That is the real injustice here. Ivanka is all right.

Now what can we do to punish Sarah Palin for her collection of douchebag behavior?

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