Monday, June 29, 2015

True Detective - Season Two - Episode Two

I wrote this great review of the second episode of this season of True Detective but by that ending (which none of you Hillbillies saw coming) I had to delete my work. Who cares what I said. Who cares what anyone says. This will be the talk of TV town tomorrow. Woe to anyone who will have the moment spoiled for them first thing. It's too bad. The same Internet that couldn't pre-spoil the ending (I certainly never saw it coming) before it aired will now do that because of all the press this television moment will get. Bravo. I wondered how they would top Season One and look what they gifted me so early in Season Two. Tell me with a straight face that you won't be there next week.

Random True Detective image.

Because I can't even research right now.


Jordan said...

Watch the teaser/trailer again and you'll realize you're jumping to an erroneous conclusion.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I know. He will survive but THEN do I SUSPEND my disbelief that point. Does Farrell do the rest of the show from a hospital bed. Or the shotgun was filled with some low grade shot. Not meant to kill. It's a message to him in that case. They kept him alive also for a reason. Who knew he was going there. Who had a trippy, possibly mask filled childhood. The shooter is a woman. The shooter is his partner. BANG POW ZOOM.