Friday, June 26, 2015

The Last Ship - Season Two - Episodes 1 & 2

I just watched the first two episodes of THE LAST SHIP season two and this show remains one of the great action adventure apocalypse shows ever. The set-up is simple. The US Navy ship Nathan James was at sea for four month without radio contact with the world as part of a regular training mission. When they came back online they discovered that a virus had begun sweeping the world killing billions.  As a 'pure' uninfected crew they are tasked with finding a doctor who is working on a cure and keep her safe. From here, things get really interesting.

At the end of last season they made it to land with a cure only to lose their ship to the very people they wanted to help. I waited all these months to see how the crew would take back their ship which, incidentally has the COOLEST name for a boat ever - Nathan James.

I also have to say that the thing that show does really well is showing how amazing all the young men and woman of the Navy truly are. Well any branch of the service would be the same but the Navy is special. When their ship gets taken over by a hostile force, watching them spring into action, using all their training to win the day is thrilling beyond belief. Even better, their XO is watching them do this from his place in command after he escaped his captors on the bridge. His giggles of delight as the 'plan comes together' was unexpected from a trained military man and one of the great little moments that this show provides.

The lives of the crewmen and women onboard are interesting human stories taking place in this larger end of the world scenario. A large cast of great young actors and old pros make this one addicting television.

Then they find the cure and you would think things would get better but they don't. And that is what makes this story so much fun to watch. Lots of gunplay and sharp military precision.

This is one that you can binge on or enjoy over weeks but watch it you must if you like this kind of high stakes adventure.

Now I know some of you will look at this trailer and see the name Michael Bay. He just produced this. NONE of his 'touches' are evident here.

Here is a look at season two.

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