Saturday, June 27, 2015

Damn It's A Good Ol Time On The Facebooks.

I have discovered something disturbing about me today on the Facebooks. I LIKE watching everyone give it to the Right all at once. I like all the merciless piling on and the judgmental certainty of our position on this whole Equal Marriage thing because we ARE right. Nothing anyone can say will ever sway me from the rightness of my position.

But that doesn't mean that I don't FEEL for my poor Conservative brothers and sisters out there. I know your beliefs, no matter how unenlightened are come to honesty given your influences and limited life experience. And no, going on a Mormon mission to FRANCE does NOT put you in touch with the suffering of man.

It's belief that keeps us safe from everything we fear about the unknown. But faith has huge blinders on it to the truth and anyone who doesn't pursue truth is someone I should have little compassion for.

In fact I feel most bad for poor Mike, my Mormon brother. I say that because if not for his goofy beliefs, he would be a first rate human being. Great father, provider and kind to me to a fault. He is also my favorite little bop bag that I can kick around whenever he says something to set me off - as all Mormons good at their job are apt to do. They love nothing more than the DEBATE, the argument over what they BELIEVE because belief in the unbelievable is at the heart of their faith. I hate to say that this makes him even more fun to beat up on but there you have it.

But I see today that the world is divided up into two kinds of people online. The ones who take the easy bait and those who wait for the comment to be SO appalling that they are forced to comment lest their heads explode. That is the world I live in. I save my genius and sarcasm for those kinds of targets. I am not interested in the little fish. My concerns are global.

Lots of people have been biting at Mike's red meat all weekend and I say good on 'em. We all need to vent sometimes and the net allows us to express our inner trolls so wonderfully. Too many comment gems to ever share but this one was my favorite and got me to this post.

"Mike Tannehill you're my favorite racist bigot out there."
It's the truth. He's my favorite too. If he let up for a second or every wavered on his stance I would lose all respect for him and I mean that from my heart. He has his site of the argument well researched. I just don't want him to come to my kind of enlightenment when he is too old to enjoy this feeling that I have. I want him to know that acceptance and understanding always trumps hate but I want him to come to that realization all on his own. Then the world will truly be a great place. I was a easy convert to the truth. He and his people are a simple folk and they will be a lot harder sell. Let's remember that as we leave a beating on these numnuts that they won't soon forget. We have many more issues with the Right that we might just fix NEXT week if they are not careful.
And as always I say this with peace and love.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

I certainly understand the lure of being Madame LaFarge knitting as the guillotine drops. But I try to be a gracious winner. That pisses the fuckers off even more.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I was I was as evolved as you.