Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Batman - Animal Insticts

The several previous DC Animated movies have been more geared towards teen and adult fans of the characters. This one is clearly for the younger set as the violence is toned down. Batman makes several costume changes that look more like his action figures from the toy aisle. I watched as I did other things but this thing is clearly mean for those with limited attention spans. I enjoyed some parts but others just seemed to dumb down the whole concept of Batman. Warning - if your kids watch this show they will want the toys. I know there were a few like Red Robin that I will be on the lookout for.

 As I continued to watch this film things started to make sense, this Batman had everything kids of the 80's loved, its not only a mixture of Batman but it also holds hints of Thundercats, He-Man, Back To The Future 2 and even GI Joe. It gets a little ridiculous that they have Transformers: Beast Wars stuff going on and treating any character that isn't Batman as a second rate superhero.

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