Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Even With All This Bounty It's Always Nice To Have A Little More.

Some awesome Conan comics and magazines that survived a basement flood were given to me about fifteen years ago after they had dried out in the sun. Not the comics dried out in the sun but the expertly sealed bags surrounding those comics. All the bags were stuck together so I just stacked them away and never thought about them until this week because I thought everything was ruined at first. I checked them today for the first time in a long time. All bagged and borded still. 90% survived intacts and in mint condtion. Sixty early issues of the Marvel Conan comic series series from the 70s and about 40 of the larger black and white magazine. Amazing stuff. I lived off those books back in the day and have many myself but these are all the earliest ones. I don't remember a time in my life when I couldn't buy a Savage Sword Of Conan from the magazine section of any two bit corner store or gas station store. That was a gold mine for Conan. And all kinds of weird porn but that was displayed out of my reach and eyesight. Why go to a gas station to get your pornography. Won't the people working there kinda get to know you? I mean, come on, Man. Don't do your perversion where you get your gas and morning coffee and breakfast burrito. You are freaking out the morning girl because she knew what filthy spank mag you bought just the night before. But all that is beside the point. I just have many great magazines and books for sale and they are in gorgeous condtion.


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nolan said...

Nice! I know the're not comics but do you have any (really) old pulp magazines like Argosy, Black Mask or Amazing Stories? I just love those old pulp covers.

btw I know you're not THAT old. I just figured you might have picked some up somewhere along the line... :)