Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Death Of Superman (2018)

I spent the last two weeks of my life thinking about nothing but comic books. I will write more on that later but when this one started I found myself right back in the world of heroes and villains. I like the clear line. I know who to root for. The Death of Superman is based on the famous comic book story from the 90s where Doomsday kills The Man of Steel. Of course we all knew he would come back to life as all comic book heroes do. That death should mean something in the context of the life Superman is living at the time. And yes, the movie does lay it on a bit thick with Clark Kent dating Lois Lane (?) and him about to reveal to her that he is Superman but I liked that. It makes the emotional punch of his death seem all the more devasting. To contemplate the loss of Superman is overwhelming. I know this story inside and out and even I got choked up at places. A triumph for DC Animation. There are so many spoilers that you just might want to stop reading here until you have seen the movie. It's so good that it would make family movie night a big hit unless you have little ones - THEY will fill their diapers and be forever changed by the random cruelty of Doomsday and those scenes are intense. But they have to learn their mythology some time and this is superhero mythology of the best kind. And it's only HALF the story. Part Two - The Return of Superman is out next year. And let's all be honest. The DEATH of Superman is not as interesting and his RETURN. This one is better than the comic book because the comic book at many many issues to read to get the complete story. Someone made this film with love. It's the equal of Infinity War. Have I ever steered you wrong? Take a chance. Change your life. Enjoy.

Spoiler Alert. Big Time Spoiler Alert!!!

As in the comic books the actual DEATH of Superman is not the most interesting part of the story. What happens to the world without him is the most interesting part of this saga.  But I warn you. You have to watch him suffer alot and that is not an easy thing to do. This one ripped my heart out JUST LIKE IT'S SUPPOSE TO! I am so glad that they didn't punk out by going soft. As I always say, the higher the concept, the more full retard you have to go on the exection. At what higher concept is there than the Death of Superman? The violence is a necessary and unforgettable part. This creature would have done this to every creature on the planet if Superman didn't stop him. Doomsday is only death. He's not even worthy of being called a villain because the indescriminate way he kills is repugnant. All I wished for was his death.

FINALLY, someone found a way to animate superman where is SPEED is illsustrated as only a blur. He doesn't take any shit. WOW. You see how POWERFUL Superman is as he makes short work of Intergang. Oh Baby. This one is going to be great.

Why are the cops still shooting at these bulletproof guys in Iron Man like suits? Why can't they have fancy overpowered laser weapons once Superman brings them down. At least give them a CHANCE against the monsters that THEY fight until Superman shows up.

All the heroes are done perfectly. DC's live action movies might be wanting but their animation is always amazing. The DEATH of Superman deserves a cast of characters this LARGE. Wonder Woman is great, Flash is great. Cyborg is great. Aquaman is great. And then there is Batman. He's just soooo Batman especially when Flash and Green Lantern bust on him. But against Doomsday? He has no business leaving his dusty cave. He's like a chicken wing to Doomsday.

We learn why Superman likes to be called Superman. After all it is a bit Aryan and pretentious. What he said was one of those heart in your throat moments. He likes the name because that's what SHE first called him. That man has got it BAD for that girl reporter. That wasn't a tear. Shut up!

Luthor is a dickhead - a first class dickhead. For all his scheming and planing he is just a bully who thinks he is smarter than everyone in the room. Hubris will always be his crime. He even resents Superman when he save his life. That's cool, Lex. Don't you ever change, asshole. It must just suck to be you. You must just hate everything every waking hour of the day. How do you maintain that kind of hate? The Well of Your Bitterness goes deep Brother Luthor

We get the whole origin story in an interesting way. They have taken a magnificent comic book story and created a magnificent animated film worthy of it's legendary origins. Okay the blood was surprising as was the fiercesome power of Doomsday whose only reason for existing is to kill and destroy everything in his path. The film doesn't shy away from the violence one bit and I found myself cringing a couple of times as the deaths started to pile up. One by one the entire Justice League falls before the rage of Doomsday.Shit. Batman is dog food. DOG FOOD. GO BACK TO YOUR CAVE YOU LUNATIC!

The script is very well done and I felt the grandeur and the romance and the sorrow of course. I know this story inside and out so I knew what was coming. That made all the sweet interplay before all the more tragic. This one does not have a happy ending and it's going to make you earn it's epic heartache as all the greatest comic books stories should. For me, no comic book 'event' succeeded more than everything surrounding the Death of Superman.

This may be the greatest animated superhero story of all time. When the battle starts it doesn't let up for one second. Characters are introduced who will have a major part in the next chapter. More on that in a minute.

Lois is a sick, sick woman who is having a relationship with CLARK FREAKIN KENT. OMG I never thought of Lois being in love with BOTH Clark and Superman. It's so ADULT. But I am glad that they preserved the secret. She is a great reporter but how she never figured out that Clark and Superman are the same person always escapes me. Then someone showed me this meme and I got it for the first time.

He's just really good at being Clark Kent. It's the role he feels most comfortable so of course he would be a master of it. But WHEN Lois learns the secret she put it all together in seconds and felt SO stupid. For a second. The fact she didn't know makes her relationship with Clark more perverse. I loved it all.

An important part of the saga are these four guys. Each steps up to assume the role of Superman after his death. Each represents a different part of the Man of Steel. Part 2 will be all about these guys.

Wanna guess which one is the bad guy? And YES, there is a good reason why the guy on the far right has those sunglasses on. Then again this WAS the 90s.

John Irons - who we all know will become STEEL - The Armored Superman. He is Superman's heart and humanity. His life was saved by Superman at one time and that is where he takes his inspiration from. Brilliant inventer, scientist and weapons designer.

Hank Henshaw - The Cyborg Superman. They even used his name from the comic book in the script so I know he will be around. He is the cyborg Superman who hates Superman because he wasn't there to save his crew when a disaster struck their space shuttle and the space station they were on. He's the bitter one.
Superboy - The Clone of Superman created by Lex Luthor. Has abilities that Superman does not have but a clone created by Lex Luthor he is. Like any clone of Superman you know he is going to have issues with all of that. He is the most idealistic one. He wants approval so badly that it gets in the way of being Superman's replacement.
The Eradicator - The Kryptonian Superman. He is the repository of all things Kryptonian and was created by the ship that brought baby Kal-el to Earth in the first place. He is more robot than flesh and blood creature. He is the cold Kryptonian Justice and he would use twisted logic to fix all evil on Earth by using his future tech and science. He needs to be reigned in with some Kryptonite right quick. He's the most dangerous one.
This one hit me where I live. It's amazing. I know the story and yet I felt I was watching something fresh and new. It reminded me of all the reason I love superheroes. The story never ends.
On a side not I really hate the figure that comes with this video. It looks like Bachelorette Party Superman. Why not a small statue of Doomsday and Superman fighting instead of this abomination?



Fiendenstein said...

Great review, yeah I loved this too. I loved the comic at the time and the whole buzz that came with it and the animated feature did it justice. The only thing missing was the Booster and Blue Beetle dynamic as in the comic they were great and it got a bit darker when they had their asses handed to them (and Supes catching Booster out of mid-air was awesome).

Side Note: What people forget about the comics and all the changes (the fall of Hal Jordan, Batman getting his back broken) is that comics were pretty stale at this time, both Marvel and DC. But I like the way DC spiced things up with these big plotlines (and Image was about to come along any minute and shake things up too)

But still, I really enjoyed this. And although the most used Superboy look is Tshirt and jeans, I've always loved 90s Reign of the Supermen Superboy with his undercut and leather jacket, glad to see it's looking like they're going this way.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I agree with you about all you said. I look forward to part two very much. It was a fun time in comics for sure that I look back on fondly.