Monday, August 27, 2018

Tales From The Sale

I love when I see a haggered Mother with two junior high school aged kids and a baby come to check out the comics. I enjoy when tween girls look at me and think I am some biker who will kill them and bury them in my yard. Then five minutes later we are gossiping over how great the Wonder Woman movie was and how Archie is basically the same comic everytime. She also a agreed that Riverdale the TV show sucks and that they shouldn't do a live action Sabrina show if they don't have Salem the talking cat. Then I steered her towards ten issues of Legionnairs which is a beautifully illustrated series about the Legion of Superheroes.  I also enjoyed the first two seasons of the short lived cartoon series when the WB made great cartoons.

This comic is such a good read for tween girls because these are teen superheroes. They have many of the same problems as the reader does. Plus there are lots of cool characters to follow because they are all on one big team. Half boys half girls, each with their own unique power. And stastically, the GIRL Legionnaires save the day more than the BOY Legionnaires. And there is all the fighting and only a little romance but not so much to make you throw up. At least that is how I explained the book to them. I like that I talked two girls who came with their parents to try something different. Thank you DC for getting one part of your franchise right all the time. You just know what to do with your Legion of Superheroes - maybe the greatest IDEA for a comic book mythology and the one that can stand on it's own with any Superhero franchise you can throw at me.

THIS should be first a DC Animated movie and then go live action. Three movies all filmed at the same time. A vast cast of young talent from around the world. And starring at 17 year old Clarke Kent? I don't know but he has to be a part of this. Because of Time Travel, Clark spent a year with the Legion of Superheroes and came home the same moment he left. That's your anchor for your film. Clark come home after a year fighting in space not as a boy but as a man. He learned friendship and leadership and sacrifice and team work. He could also find love on a team that large. Shit, I got the whole first movie already written in my head. But Maestro, you ask. What villain would be so large as to be a worthy foe for these superpowered punks? There can be only one, I answer. DARKSIED.

And his cast of characters joined with the Fearsome Five to destroy the Earth's Sun. This is the future and Darksied has been gone for generations. How did he rise from the dead?


nolan said...

I like this pitch, bro!
Now that you mention it, it's nuts that DC is sitting on a property this good...

Favourite boy: Wildfire
Favourite girl: Dawnstar


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Both of those are my fav too.