Friday, August 14, 2020

Another Reason Why Canadian Art Is Wicked Cool

This image and the ones that follow were created by Canadian artist Diana Thornycroft. Thanks to Debra for giving me this additional information and setting me on a search for more of the artist's work. Here is what the artist said about this series that she did. The 'Group of Seven' are among our most famous artists. They produced a huge body of work highlighting Canadian landscapes and formed the basis for Diana's work. 

"In this new series "Group of Seven Awkward Moments", I investigate the relationship between the Canadian landscape and national identity. Reproductions of paintings by the famous Canadian collective The Group of Seven are used as backdrops to the dioramas I photograph. It is through the use of the collective's iconic northern landscapes, which have come to symbolize Canada as a nation, combined with scenes of accidents, disasters, and bad weather that gives the work its edge. By pairing the tranquility of traditional landscape painting with black humour, the work conjures up topical and universally familiar landscapes fraught with anxiety and contradictions"


Debra She Who Seeks said...

My faves are the hockey game ones, Bob 'n Doug Mackenzie, the Timmies sniper and the Trailer Park Boys.

Count Robot said...

I love the Trailer Park Boys one. Especially because it reminds of the animate version of the show which I really dig.

Nick Ward said...

This meets my needs.