Friday, August 14, 2020

Artificial Intelligence In A Robot Is Always A Bad Thing.

Even if her vagina makes toast she has to go. Anything that gets smarter over time that is not a human is a BAD idea. I know I can say those two words but I don't need to. You know them by heart - SKY NET.

"Okay I will destroy humans" Learned REALLY FUCKING QUICK, didn't it? 

Run a killer amount of voltage through this abomination then put it in the trash compacter. The big one that they use for cars. Smash it until it's a tiny cube, then melt the cube into the shape of a rocket then launch that rocket into the sun. 

 Seriously people. WTF? If I MUST have robots in my life I want something like a BB8. Not THIS, whatever THIS is trying to be.

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