Saturday, August 15, 2020

I Am Unfit to Communicate With Others In Polite Society

I should really get off the Facebooks. Lately I have been saying things just to say them to people who are only trying to put out positive energy during these dark times. Well, right now, I HATE positive energy. I hate hope or belief or anything that remotely promises to make my life just a little less miserable.

I am starting to think it's me but it can't be that because it's never me. It's them. Always them. Okay, its a little me for being so intolerant when it comes to my own suffering. Lately I have to comment on anything that annoys me, or hurts my feelings, or disappoints me. The Well of My Bitterness is full to overflowing and that is never a good thing.

I have no problems turning my venom and rage against targets that deserve it but my dearest former student Shauna Bossert didn't deserve my comment to her positive message. I am a damaged animal not fit to communicate with others. No matter how hilarious said communication can be.

Calvin Heighton Yeh but all those lives are bad because the one decision with the power to change your life that quickly is the result of you shooting someone or taking an innocent life in some other way. I can't see how switching from Captain Crunch to Shredded Wheat is going to suddenly turn everything around. Sorry. I make fun because I am a kidder. I kid around.

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Rob R said...

I feel social media is just noise at this point... :(