Thursday, August 13, 2020

Stargirl Episodes 12 And 13

When the bad guys say they want to kill the heroes you are scared because they really mean it. They WILL kill these kids and their families just to preserve their grand scheme which in itself is so evil that you would be better off left dead. That comes from actually telling a story that has stakes and consequences. The good guys are out of their element and the bad guys are really bad. I mean kill ya bad.

Welcome to the superhero life, Barb. I give you a ton of credit for adapting to this new superhero life your family is involved it in the way that you have. You are not screaming. You are fighting and complimenting your daughter for being bad ass. Amy Smart is very good as Star Girl's mother.

With a town full of bad guys there are many villains to attack everyone all at one time. It's pretty exciting if you like that kind of stunt/fight choreography.

Never cut out Cindy Berman. It just might come back to bite you in the ass. Or stab you in the face as it were.

Did Dr. Ito borrow that machine from Professor Xavier or did I see a different series of X-Men movies?

Oh yeh, another death for the kids to deal with. This time someone close. This show is not fucking around. Anyone can die any time for any reason. That is the one truth about Stargirl.

Only ADULT minds are controlled by the Machine? That is kinda lame. How can the machine tell between adults and teenagers. In Canada and adult is 18 while in America it's 21 so give me a break. No way the machine with WWII dials and gauges is that precise.

So part one ends with our adults out of commission and the kids left on their own. How many want to bet that Mike gets into the giant robot? I really hope the few teen heroes left can turn the tide but I have my doubts which is another triumph for this show. Just when you think a certain character will live to the end of the season you are proven wrong. For a light and breezy superhero story it's also pretty damn dark and that continues right up to the end of Season One.

We cruise into the end of Season One and only learn that nothing is over as far as the sleepy town of Blue Valley. The evil brainwashing machine arrives and it's just as evil and just as big as you would expect it to be.

First of all it's a stupid plan to enslave only the adults, thus leaving the children to make shenanigans or fight back. I hope they all fight back. I know I would if my parents came back as brainwashed pod people. It's insane that it only finishes half the job. If the adults change the kids will rebel and freak out thus messing up your whole new Utopia. What's next, you just kill all the kids in a thousand mile radius to eliminate their moodiness?

I figured that ONE stupid super villain would tell his entire plan to the one hero with a tape recorder in her glasses. You really have to finish the job if you START the damn job and this was a pretty big job, wouldn't you all agree? So you screwed the pooch, Injustice League.

And WHY can't Dr. Ito's machine control teenagers? I bet that is only a couple of percentage points in the math.

Aside from that there were some great fights and great stunts and many nice surprises. Team work, as usual, is the most effective way to defeat the bad guys.

Then Grundy shows up.

And many more surprises, none of which I will spoil for you here.

All in all a very good ending to Season One that saves the day and begs for a future, a future this show deserves. 

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Chase March said...

I loved it. The dedication at the end messed me up a bit. I didn't know the character was based on the creator's sister who passed away. So sad, but such a great tribute to her. It makes me want to read the comics now.