Monday, August 17, 2020

Other People's Families Are Inconvenient - Balloon Juice Podcast

You can listen HERE.

But that won't stop us from talking about THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 2, STARGIRL or DOOM PATROL. We remember 1984's STREETS OF FIRE and MD bemoans the computer repairs that set him back, Cal bemoans ordering things online and recounts his recent ELLEN DEGENERIS kerfuffle. 

Then we talk about fine art and FORTUNINO MATANA and RENE MAGRITTE, cuz we're intellectuals, y'all! 

We also review the recent PERRY MASON remake and we wax rhapsodic about the tv series MATADOR. We touch on Tom Cruise in space, BATTLEFIELD EARTH and the inimitable Barry Pepper!


It's not just Balloon Juice, it's solid gold Balloon Juice! And now that MATADOR is on NETFLIX you all have no excuse not to watch this show. You all know how much I love it and I hope you will like it too.

I also have much praise for Stargirl which was one of the best things I watched all year and it's only 13 action filled episodes.

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