Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Umbrella Academy - Season Two - Episode One

Once again our favorite team of orphan superheroes are on another time travel adventure with all of them separated alone and deposited across the 60s. Five knows he has ten days to save his family who are killed after the Russians launch nuclear weapons at them. Then their lives get really complicated.

Once again the soundtrack to each episode perfectly captures the moment each character is going through as they approach a future they all know is coming and they all have to deal with in their own way. It's nothing less than the assassination of JFK that they are trying to prevent here which also will prevent the end of the world. I want to collect a best of mixed tape of the best songs. There is a cover of 'Crazy' by Seal on this one that I have to research.

Of course, again, there is no end to their individual suffering on that journey of salvation with three weirdos with white hair and guns trying to kill them which will allow the end of the world to happen. Get it? No? Good, it will make you keep watching.

How each returns to their families after having to restart their lives alone will not be an easy journey but it will be fun to watch. I am all in.

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