Thursday, August 20, 2020

Project Power (2020)


A high concept idea like this one requires an execution worthy of it. This film from Netflix is proof that the company is a major player in the type of movies that get made these days. In the time of pandemic and the death of theatres, Netflix may be the only place where a movie like this can get made and seen by enough people to make the whole idea worth while in the first place. When you get a look at the cast that this one was able to attract, you are starting the game already on second base.

The three leads are all up to the challenge with Dominique Fishback being a particular revelation. She is spunky and smart and brave and someone who more than holds her own with two season pros like Jaime Foxx and Jason Gordon-Levitt.

The effects are kickass as you never know what kind of power the drug will release in an individual. You might become invincible. You might burst into flames. You don't know. The fight scenes are exciting and unlike anything I have seen before. And the story never stops for all of five seconds to give the viewer a rest.

For once, the characters in a genre movie like this make the smart choices and do smart things to reach their objectives. I realize that is just good storytelling but when I get involved in a story and characters I appreciate that little bit of extra effort.

The various powers that the pills unleash are very well portrayed. The computer effects are excellent for a Netflix film. 

This would make a great series as well and a good movie. I am interested in spending more time with these characters in this world. I left wanting more of shady government agents, street dealers and super powers. In fact you could tell all kinds of stories from all different kinds of perspectives. This movie sets a perfect base to build a whole Netflix franchise on. No one is probably smart enough to see that  potential but I do.

I enjoyed this one. I think you will too.


Danny B said...

I enjoyed it too Cal. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a sequel.

Danny B said...

I enjoyed it too. Probably a sequel.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I hope so. I really like the concept and situational mutations is an untapped vein for storytelling.