Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Batman - The Mask of Tengu

Of all the outfits that Batman ever wore, this is one of my favorites. It's also one of my Batman action figures. After Bruce fought his way back to life after Bane broke his back, he assumed the role of Tengu, the masked assassin. He was tricked by Lady Shiva, who put Bruce on the run after Shiva, wearing the mask,. killed the Master of the assassins. It was her test to see if Bruce had regained his fighting skills by having survive against all those assassins.

Knightfall seemed to take forever to finish but it was very good overall. We all know that the fun of 'killing Batman' - the most interesting thing - is his eventual resurrection. Tengu is a great temporary hero when Bruce is deprived of his gadgets and can only rely on his fighting skills. Bruce has to train his body a whole new way to defeat Bane in the end.

A martial art garb designed around the totem of the bat. While retraining his body after having his back restored by a mutant with healing powers and then going through physical therapy Bruce Wayne was given the Mask of Tengu by Lady Shiva as a substitute Bat-Uniform during the final stages of his retraining, before this, he wore a standard ninja outfit with a hood.

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