Friday, October 3, 2008

Short Cuts

I like the movie Rocknrolla with Gerald Butler. Watched 300 and Phantom of the Opera this week for the hundrenth time so I am a big fan. This Guy Richie vehicle is the kind of eurotrash buddy pic that I like with lots of quirky ammoral characters and great conversation pieces. And Tom Wilkenson as the mob boss can do no wrong in my eyes. The scene were Butler's best bud tells him that he loves him (and I mean LOVES him) is the classic buddy moment of the year - "My God man, you've seen my cock?!?!" Its all about the writing and always has been.
(oct 4, 2008)

Like most of you who are writing I am hoping sooooo much that this show is worth my time and thoughts because there is alot to like about it. From the relationship between Walter (John Noble is emmy bait!!!) and Peter to the mystery of the "pattern" which frankly I don't want totally resolved for me overnight (but not in ten years either). I know many people are fearing another LOST and the madness its slow reveals have brought. Since being burned by the X-files I never gave LOST a second of my notice and frankly I feel good about that. I even resisted the desire to watch LOST on SPACE which is running it daily from the start of the series. I have no problem with jumping ship the second this series stops being as fast and fresh as it is now. Have we become so jaded and needy? Of course we have so raise your game creators! You are building a nice foundation just don't place a crap shack on top of it. Another hightlight for me is that Olivia is the perfect blank slate for us to project our own questions onto and she seems to ask the questions I want answered. I also don't know why but all the faces of the characters seem to be props in themselves, telling more than their words reveal. Does that make any sense?
(Oct 4,2008)

STAR WARS - CLONE WARS - episodes one
I didn't expect very much since the most recent annimated Clone Wars movie was widely panned. But i was pleasantly surprised with the first episode of the weekly series. The computer generated figures and settings are sumptuous and I love those battle droids and often judgemental and snarky comments. You would think that someone would program them with more than an IQ of 100 but the comedy relief they provide is refreshing ("Run for it? - But I just got PROMOTED!!!"). And the scene where Yoda give confidence to his clone troopers was very moving and one understands why Yoda truly is the heart and soul of that organization. I like the way a little Jedi philosophy is passed on with each episode. Its as valid a religion as any other. (In a recent survey over 60 percent of Australian listen their religion as Jedi to census takers. Good enough for me). The little green slug is no slouch in the combat arena either-boy got some MAD skills. The action is slick and quick and loving cartoons as I do its worth 22 minutes of my week to check it out. Add another episode to my download list.

Just watched what is the most uncomforably funny movies called Postal. It starts with suicide plane bombers on 911 argueing with Osama Bin Laden on the cellphone over the number of virgins they can be guaranteed in heaven.(His answer is 20 so they decide they would rather divert the plane to the Bahamas).

Sample job interview questions:

"What is your greatest strength? (whatever you answer the fat girl yells "WRONG!")
"What is your greatest weakness? (whatever you answer the fat girl yells "WRONG!")
"How would you move a mountain using only a spoon?" ("WRONG!")
"If you were in a box how would you think outside it?" ("WRONG!")
"What is the difference between a duck?"....I repeat..."What is the difference between a duck?"

k..first I shoot them both then myself...

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