Friday, February 27, 2009

Arcade Treasures

I lived in a time when we went to the arcade to play video games because the arcade at the University of Alberta stayed open all night and it was an awesome way to unwind after a night in the library and after sharing a doobie with my roomate Adam. They had all the best Sega games that had great hydraulics that gave you the feeling that you were actually driving the vehicles. You felt every bumb and corner. When you got hit by a missle or crashed the whole machine would shake violently. Outrun was my favorite and they had two side by side so we could both race each other while competing against the machine. The controls were very responsive and you could reach speeds in excess of 200 km/h. I would get into a 'zone' and could race around the various courses for hours. Today I saw that they are selling tiny replicas of those games for the shelf and it reminded me of those good times. I promised myself that if I ever got an actual full sized arcade game it would be an Evil Knievel pinball machine or the Outrun game. That arcade also had a bowling alley, and the best cheeseburgers this side of a curling club.

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