Monday, February 9, 2009

The Weekly Crisis

As a big fan of comic books I would be remise not share this latest magazine with people who also share my love. This was created by Kirk Warren from his web site ( and when I downloaded it off Demonoid I was convinced that it was a new magazine from the news stand and a large publisher. After reading it I wanted to find out if my local comic store would be picking it up like Previews or Wizard. In fact it was created as an extension of Kirk's website of comic review. I immediately went to check out if his site was similar in tone and quality. It is. It exudes the passion he feels for the medium and he speaks directly to a fan boy like myself. It has such a professional look and is as densely packed with interesting information (like a much appreciated issue by issue breakdown of the Final Crisis miniseries) as any month's Wizard Magazine. I hope that he gets the chance to take his skills to the next level. I am reminded of Marvel Age, the in house produced comic that discussed the latest Marvel releases although this one has much better graphic design and production values. This is SO what DC could have used this year to discuss its various 'events' like Final Crisis and Batman R.I.P. (especially when they were written by a notoriouly difficult to follow Grant Morrison). It inspires anyone hoping to get their thoughts published.

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