Saturday, February 14, 2009

Steampunk Marvels

Now we usually see action figures follow the comic but for once I would like to see a comic follow these action figures. Created by Joshua Izzo and Bruce Ross they are the Victorian/Steampunk versions of the Marvel heroes we all know and love. These are customs but would soooo fit into the Marvel's Legends line or a new WHAT IF line should anyone smart wish to take up the challenge. You could set the tale in Victorian England and work around Jack the Ripper or Nathanal Essex (Mr Sinister) and easily incorporate the Children of the Atom if only they had come about 100 years before they did in Marvel history. Jack the Ripper as a mutant serial killer? See how fabulous my ideas are? Hell we would even love a 1602 line based on the Neil Gaiman/Andy Kubert comic of the same name. Found these on this great site which often features great custom figures.

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