Monday, February 23, 2009

Replica Batmobile

From one of my favorite Bat-related sites - Batblog - comes word of this site that creates replicas of the 1960s Batmobile (Fiberglass Freaks). I wet my diaper just looking at this. That is one beautiful automobile and is made from a modified 1955 Lincoln Futura. No word on the price but I am already starting my penny jar.

"Here is your chance to own a gorgeous and authentic replica of the most famous car in the world. Our replicas have the great features that you remember–the double bubble windshields, the loooong fins, a working flame thrower out the rocket exhaust tube, the flashing red beacon light, and the highly-polished aluminum roll-top dashboard."

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Chase March said...

That is beautiful. You might be interested in my post today about My Customized Batmobile.