Sunday, February 15, 2009


Thanks to my blog buddy Darius at Adventures in Nerdliness ( comes this site that wants to hear all about our childhood traumas. Cute but sick so here goes...for me it was Jack in the Boxes with their non-musical 'clink clink clink' before the deformed puppet jumped out of the box. I used to dream of a large one in my front yard that would pull me back inside of the box to kill me. And yes it was a clown Jack in the Box. Why is it always a clown Jack in the Box? Even that Jack guy that sells burgers on TV gives me the willies. But nothing got to me more than one night when I fell asleep as a kid while watching TV with my folks. When I woke up this National Film Board of Canada short was playing and I couldn't even breath I was so paralyzed with fear. Fuck you NFB and your multicultural mosaic! They often show it when they need to fill a minute of air time and I usually watch it to the end just because I can't get my fingers to work the remote and I think that if I do turn the channel they will know and come for me later. And that renaissance flute music? Positively bone chilling!

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