Monday, February 9, 2009

Very Cool Advertisement

Color TV must have been awesome to see when it first came out. If one ever needed a reason to buy a color TV this would be the ad to convince me. I doubt this one even comes with a remote control. Imagine - actually having to get up to change the channel - how uncivilized! And was there really a problem with circuits going haywire back then? What did that look like? I actually remember a time when you only got 13 channels and that was as high as the dial went. Late on Sunday night we could pick up a channel from the US and you could see Monty Python and Star Trek. That was after a bath, Walt Disney's World of Color and the Carol Burnett show. This was the 70s people. We also rode our dinosaurs to school like on the Flintstones. I think I prefer satellite with its hundreds of channels and my Jetson's Jet Pack to get to and from my destinations.

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