Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Cool Childhood Toys

While it would cost thousands of dollars to buy the originals from EBay today, I feel fortunate to have invested years ago in the Praying Mantis re-issues of these great Captain Action figures. How can you not love Dr. Evil who wears flip flops, a polyester suit and a big ass medallion? How sixties Bond villain can you get - showing his brain for all the world to see. The costumes come with load of accessories (not entirely accurate for the character but that is besides the point) and are made of quality materials. I also like the masks that come with each figure because you know I am all about the disguises. The concept was very strong and you can see its influence in many of the high quality action figures issued today. Go to Toy Haven to see awesome photographs of perhaps the finest action figure collection ever. This guy's house is a museum. I want him to adopt me so that I can get them when he dies.


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