Friday, February 27, 2009

Wonder Woman Animated

I usually spend my Friday nights going out to diner but tonight I had no one to hang out with (now lets all cry tears for me) so I had to look for something else to do. I had already downloaded the new animated Wonder Woman movie and what a treat it was. Fantastic visuals and steeped deeply in the mythology that makes WW awesome. Where Marvel excels at the live action superhero genre, DC has set the bar high for the animated stories such as Batman - Gotham Knights and The New Frontier. More violent than I anticipated it gives us a characterization of Diana of the Amazons that makes her unique amoung heroes. She is first and foremost an Amazon and rightfully distrustful of 'man's' world. Her enemies are formidable. Her relationship with Steve Trevor is real and he is actually able to crack her veneer of female superiority to remind us all that the best women are the ones who not only challenge us but who let us be men in the first place. I love the way Steve is constantly forced by the lasso of truth to reveal that he is a male pig. One of the coolest moments occur when the Amazons show up in our world to lay the smack down on Ares and his forces; revealing themselves and their island to the world. I squeeled a second time when Steve uses the invisible plane to stop a nuclear weapon from destroying Themiscara. At the end we are reminded that while the Amazons are warriors they are also women - hot, hot women. Instead of talking down to girls I believe it actually lifts them up and gives them a hero they can aspire to be like. And that last scene is awesome. I am ready for a sequel already.

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LEon said...

I didn't know there was a animated Wonder woman. Thanks for the info.