Monday, February 16, 2009

Canadian Women We Love - Catherine Clark

I seem to be on this theme tonight and after checking out THE POP CULTURE ADDICT site ( which has many Canadian based entries I was reminded of the awesomeness that is Catherine Clarke the daughter of politician and PM wannabee Joe Clark. Its seemed for most of my life that he was always in opposition and only served as PM for about four months until his government got the boot. Not the best looking man in the world his beautiful daughter somehow avoided getting any of his genetic material. A baby must have been switched at birth but I don't want to push that theory because it may have cost us the opportunity to view this truly angelic beauty. She would always wear sweaters and boots even in the summer and we can all agree that is the right look for any good Canadian girl. And as cute as Belinda Stronach is, Catherine made her look like dog food. She has since disappeared from the public eye but she can come back anytime. For that pillow fight with Shania Twain. MMMMMMMM

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