Sunday, February 8, 2009

Code Gaurdian

It took five years for this passion project by Marco Spitoni to see the light of day but this is perhaps the coolest CGI that I have seen in my life. I could watch a whole movie based on this concept alone. I figured out how to add video to my blog just because I can't keep the awesomeness of this to myself. Its like retro-transformers but ten times cooler than Hollywood could ever do. Michael Bay take notice and do us all a favour and abandon your sequel now. Or hire this guy to work for you. At least then we could actually see the robots fighting without all your jumpy cuts that only show how bad you are at creating a great action scene. Reminds me of the G.I. Robot character that was featured in one of my childhood favs - Weird War. If you don't squeel like a little girl at about 10:55 into this thing then you, my friend, are DEAD TO ME!

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