Sunday, May 24, 2015

Johnathan Strange And Mr Norrell - Episode 2

"Look at all one magician has been able to accomplish.
Imagine what two could do."

Mr. Norrell should have known better than to bring a girl back from the dead. Nothing good comes from that but his ego had to be satisfied. And the 'gentleman' Fairy that allowed the Lady Pole to come back to life is still menacing everyone around Norrell. Magic will have it's price, especially in your dreams. I also learned that fairies like to dance for 'days and days' and that is not a good thing. In fact it's driving Lady Pole crazy as her dreams are filled with these endless dancing balls. Whenever she tries to tell anyone what is happening to her, magic prevent the proper words from coming out.

Jonathan Strange is learning more about his powers but he still has no idea HOW he is doing the magic that seems to come almost too easily to him. Upon seeing what he can do, Mr. Norrell is more than willing to take Strange under his wing.

Ghost ships made of rain? We finally get to see HOW magic might aid in the war against Napoleon by creating distractions or other physical manifestations. All this has made Mr Norrell the toast of London and a friend of the British government. After seeing what he can do they are prepared to let him work his magic on their behalf. However, Norrelll will not travel and that leaves Strange to fight the war with his magic, especially after a spectacular display of his powers on the beach convinces the government that Strange is the man they want on the front lines.

I love the reverence this show has for books. It hurt to watch Mr Norrell being forced to give up FOURTY of his treasured magic tomes to Strange when Strange is sent to the mainland of Europe to use his magic to fight against Napoleon's army.


Tim Knight said...

Great review. I'm assuming the 'gentleman' Fairy is the oft-mentioned Raven King. Thoughts?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love those sand horses!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I hope it's the Raven King. They keep mentioning him and where DID he go 300 years ago.