Saturday, May 23, 2015

Supergirl Pilot

As I mentioned earlier, the pilot for the new Supergirl series on CBS was just 'leaked' online. Of course this was all done by a nervous network unwilling to wait until September to get the positive social media buzz they hope for. CBS produces shows that appeal to a much older demographic and Supergirl, upon first viewing, would seem a better fit for the CW, the network that produces Flash, Arrow and the new superhero show - Legends of Tomorrow. This release will only build interest for a series that will have to compete with dozens of new shows this fall. They even got me to write about it because how can I resist an early look?
First of all, this show is glorious for a long time fan of the character. Her comic book origins are kept mostly intact and that was a good idea. She is the cousin of Superman right from the beginning and the show wisely keeps him very much a part of the pilot though we only see him in passing. They don't even say his name. She was initially sent as a tween to protect the baby Kal-El but due to a space anomaly she arrived on Earth years after Clark was already Superman so he no longer needed her protection. Now she is a girl without a mission trying to find her way in the world. It starts everything with a clean slate.
This show has such a spunky star in Melissa Benoist that I immediately fell in love with her and her eagerness in the part. These powers aren't a burden to her. She is excited to discover what she can do and how she can help others. Yes, we have seen this kind of origin story before but everything manages to still feel fresh. The special effects are terrific and we really BELIEVE that this is Supergirl, especially during the saving of the doomed airliner. She even already has her own villains because when she escaped from the Phantom Zone she dragged a whole prison ship worth of alien evil doers with her to Earth. Her own aunt from Krypton knows of her and wants her killed.

There is nothing cooler than Dean Cain and Helen Slater as Kara's parents. As you remember she was Supergirl in the movie and he was Superman on TV. Nice continuity.
Jimmy Olsen is black and older and that turns him into a mentor for Kara and not a romantic interest. Smart again. Calista Flockhart plays uber bitch Cat Grant. We are suppose to hate her and that is fine with me. I have ALWAYS hated her.
Chyler Leigh plays Kara's sister and part of the government agency tasked with watching her and other alien 'immigrants'. I like her very much as an actress and the dynamic between her and Kara is interesting. How do you react when your adopted sister is super powered? The head of the agency is named Henry Henshaw who we all know as the Cyborg Superman from the comics. That name is not a coincidence and I look forward to his transformation.

"When in doubt, go with blue, it's your color."
I so wish this was a Netflix series like Daredevil because I know that in a 23 episode season there will be lots of filler and that is what took me out of Arrow. I really enjoyed this pilot and I will be adding this one to my watch list in the fall. If you know of the glories of bit torrent I would suggest you download this one and see how good it is for yourself.

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