Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Greatest Future Comic Book Ever

How can you NOT want to read this?
Go join ISIS ya illiterate terrorist.
Grumpy will work with Dynamite Entertainment to bring her famous scowl to the pages of comic books, graphic novels and comic strips. And this isn't her first foray into the world of literature, either; she's already the "author" of two New York Times bestsellers.

The Internet-famous cat and her brother Pokey will debut in comic form with a three-issue miniseries out this fall, which will be bound into a hardcover graphic novel available later this year. Grumpy will also appear in daily digital comic strips that will appear online this summer.
Mashable has also learned that other pages from Grumpy Cat's comic book debut will roll out in the lead up to ComicCon.

"One of the most important responsibilities for today's comic publishers is creating content that will attract fresh new audiences to experience the wonders of the medium, and Grumpy Cat is the perfect combination of unbearable cuteness, instant fan appeal, and established multimedia presence to make just such a thing happen," Keith Davidsen, marketing manager of Dynamite Entertainment, said in a statement.

Pokey is the real star and if they would produce MY Grumpy Cat movie sequel script everyone could see that. The two cats in my tale would both be lost in a cross country adventure. Pokey would be the tender heart and brave lifesaver. He's the schmoozer, the cute one, the smart one and the slick talker than enables Grumpy to stay Grumpy. He never wants to force her to change her grumpy ways because he thinks she is perfect the way she is. That is the message of my movie. Tears, just tears.


DrGoat said...

Afraid I'm with Grumpy. I already hate it. Sorry Cal, I never
got all the fame that that cat got. Maybe I'm jealous.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Any you were equally if not MORE grumpy than that cat ever was.

DrGoat said...

Guilty as charged. I find as I get older (I'll be 65 next month)
I get more critical about everything. Must be something in the
Dairy Queen milkshakes. I promise I will try harder. Didn't used to be grumpy at all. Carefree and all that. Medical marijuana might help.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love Grumpy Cat, as you know, but only when she swears like a sailor. If every second word in this comic isn't FUCK, count me out. Sanitized, mass-market Grumpy Cat is dull.