Friday, May 29, 2015

Uneccesarry LXG Remake In The Works

I am not a fan of remakes. In fact I hate them. I thought the recent Poltergeist redo was pointless. They basically reshot the same movie and added a few effects and that is suppose to make me forget the perfectly fine classic from the 80? That film is iconic.
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a pretty decent adventure with interesting characters and a grumpy Sean Connery. That kind of combination is why we love movies in the first place. This is one of my guilty pleasures. As much right about that movie as there is wrong with it.
I love the portrayal of Captain Nemo as an Indian 'pirate' who 'walks a different path'. The rest of the cast is equally game. I never understood why this one gets so vilified but then again I loved DUNE so what do I know about quality entertainment? It doesn't need a remake. Use that money to tell an original story or adapt one of the many, many, other great comic book stories out there. As you know the League of Extraordinary Gentleman was originally a graphic novel by Alan Moore. He famously hated it but he hated Watchmen and V and both those pictures were great. He hates everything adapted from his work.
Now where is my Captain Nemo action figure?



Jordan said...

Cal, I'm surprised at you!

You're not in favor of this?

One of the greatest comics ever, and they made a totally unfaithful lousy movie out of it...and you don't want them to fix it? I don't get it.

Did you read all the way up through "Century"?

Bob/Sally said...

Despite Connery's disdain for it, I enjoyed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Of course, when you're leading man actually retires from acting because he hates it so much, maybe a remake isn't a bad thing.

As for Poltergeist, I can't think of a remake that's saddened me as much as that. The original is a classic. It's perfect in every way. It doesn't need updating or improving. Leave it alone.

j-swin said...

lxg got a bad wrap because, except for the characters, it's NOTHING like the book! why is it so hard to make a movie based on a book when the script is right there. sin city did it and it was amazing.

DrGoat said...

Looks like they have Ben Kingsley in mind for the Capt. Nemo.
Ditto on the Poltergeist. Guess they had to have more CGI ghosts. Hey, Dune was a great movie. I like the extended edition with more
scenes that explained what was going on.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I LOVE Dune. But can you really have a movie where Mr Hyde ass raped the invisible man to death for insulting Mina? See why you can't do Alan Moore the way he wrote it.

Jordan said...

Yeah, but it's a hell of a jump from "change how Hyde kills Griffin" to "totally rearrange the entire story and all the characters."

Moore explained how Connery "didn't want to" play a drug addict, so that entire part of the plot had to be scrapped. Plus they "needed an American."

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I look at the pictures of OTHER Leagues throughout time. I would like to see one of those in production. As a comedy. I like how the 90s one has Zac from Saved by The Bell in it. The 80S has Marty McFly and the girl from Flashdance.

Jordan said...

Well, he comes close to some of that in the "Century" stuff!

It's more difficult because he's got to work around still-valid copyrights and trademarks, but he still has a lot of fun with it.

There's a website somewhere that's got exhaustive annotations of all the LOEG stuff (and I do mean exhaustive; every passerby in every panel).