Thursday, May 28, 2015

Texas Rising - Part 2 - Fate and Fury

How stupid a woman can this woman be to go see Santa Anna with a horse, that is wearing a saddle with the inials S.H. which of course he deciphers to be from his enemy, Sam Huston. Another triumph of bad history research HISTORY channel. Santa Anna would let a black women who knows his enemy to get close to him and his dinnerware. Sigh. But Santa Anna remains a braggart and a lunatic but I have to give full props to Olivier Martinez for playing him so larger than life with a flourish usually reserved for a Zorro.
Wow...tough to watch those good Texas boys get picked apart in a Mexican ambush which occurred when Colonel Fannin lead his troop into an retreat. With our two boys Kit and Vern right in the middle of the slaughter. This movie does not hold back in it's portrayal of 19th Century warfare. It was brutal and all of that brutality in there on screen.
Jeremy Davies (Justified) is very good as a condemned thief and opportunist. Watching him beg for his life or being in the right place at the right time is fun to watch. He's a survivor and just as slippery a worm as Dewey Crow on Justified - for which he won an Emmy Award. He brings color to our hero group of Rangers.
Damn, Ray Liotta made a memorable appearance. He is batshit crazy in the FULL RETARD kinda way. Thank you History Channel for reminding me that his kind of hammy over acting is what I love the most about my all star mini-series.
Brendan Frasier - still don't buy it. You are not an Indian, half-breed or not. Not buying it for one second. Plus there is a lot of conversations in huckleberry colloquial accents between actors. It takes a bit to get used to. A little goes a long way. Lots of filler with actors making speeches with soaring music playing behind them. Kris Kristofferson's cameo as President Andrew Jackson is a prime example.

NEXT MONDAY is part three??? I was lead to believe this was a five part show shown each night of the week. Damn History Channel. You lie to me once again. Next you will tell me that there are no longer Nazis on the Moon.


DrGoat said...

Will catch up this weekend online and catch it Monday night.
Jeremy Davis has got to be choice. Great as Dewey C. Didn't know he
won an Emmy. Kind of with you on Brendon Frasier. He seems likeable,
in a George of the Jungle way though.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

He's okay just standing around but when he talks it's a totally different character. Jeremy Davis is also Charles Manson on Aquarius with Dave Duchovney. Amazing.