Friday, May 29, 2015

Saturday Morning Cartoon

Puss In Boots - The Series - Episode 2 - Sphinx

I love how great and weird a world they have created here in this magical village. All the orphans are strange - no one stranger than Kid Pickles. Everything with the pickles. His madness is growing on me.

The jail also doubles as a bar so the Scottish Cow can serve drinks to the prisoners.

"It's something Pahuna invented. She calls them Milkshakes. She has to put ice on her cow parts to make them." - Doopy Prisoners.

You have to realize that Puss ALWAYS saves the day but the fun is HOW he does it. In this episode he makes super sugary candy for the orphans and puts them in danger of exploding after their sugar high wears off. He has to visit  a Sphinx who poses her riddles for the cure for what is ailing the children. It's funny the way Puss gets NONE of the riddles, not a one, right, but still manages to save the day AND bring a new funny character to the village.

They wisely play the Sphinx like a complaining teen girl. Great voice acting here.

Why am I telling you all this when you can just watch the mayhem for yourself.

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