Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thank You Universe

Finally it happened. I wished for it. I'll even admit I prayed for it a little. I don't really do Christmas anymore but to me, this moment, fills me with all the joys of a holiday season.

Kirk Cameron has release a statement about the Dugger Family and how he supports them and their parenting style. I have avoided discussing this topic for a long time here at the Cave of Cool (well, long for me) because my angry, indignant brain would not let my fingers type the sentences.

I have a visceral hate for this family that extends down to any sheep brain child that buys into this dangerous and hateful and downright creepy parenting 'philosophy'. I hate it all. I hate the number of kids. I hate that the mom is basically a puppy mill so that they can perpetuate their twisted parenting decisions. I hate that they leave the older ones to parent the younger ones. I hate that these trapped, homeschooled (and thus isolated) girls had no one to turn to but their abusers once everything started to happen. I hate the cover-up that rewarded the abuser and further punished the victims. I hate that the girls ALL had to just suck it up for the FAMILY. They had no trusted teachers or outside friends that they could talk to and tell. If they were not a famous television family no one would have ever know what was going on in this secretive cabal. Where was social services supervising these 'home schoolers' and their 'curriculum. I have seen it and it's also bizarre and full of scripture nonsense to describe the biblical view of science and history and other classes. As a teacher it all made my head explode.

I see the girls that have left the show and already they are on their forth, third or second child. They are barely 21 at their oldest and were probably the girl's their brother first molested. When they reached 18 they didn't want to leave? They just wanted to keep the 'mission' going. This sounds like brainwashing. This sounds like a CULT.

I feel worst for the girls who were doomed from the start.

That is what fills me with rage. That loss of hope. The total acceptance that what happened to them was right because all the men in their life said it was so. Daddy's connections will make everything better because that's what Daddy's do. We have to do what is right for the family and be happy and smiling in from of our abuser when he comes home. I wonder if they were blamed for what happened to poor Josh.

What about HIS three children. Where is social services again? This is like those crazy Mormon polygamist communes. They also have to be shut down. Old men marrying many young girls. It's time we released the girls and hung their abusive menfolk from the nearest strong branch. Old time frontier justice. Sorry, I watch Hell on Wheel and that Texas Rising so I am all about quick an righteous justice on this pedophile. Or a little bit of jail time in general population so he can be someone's chew toy for a few weeks. Guaranteed he comes out with a fresh perspective.

So FUCK YOU Josh Dugger. If you were a man you would buy a Japanese short sword and do the honorable thing. For the good of your family and to satisfy our bloodlust. Take Kirk Cameron with you and tell him I have a bag of frozen oranges ready just for the side of his mushy filled head.

So what is next for Jeff Dugger. Maybe he will work at a petting zoo or grow out his beard and try to be a Santa by Christmas. Lots of other home schooled Quiver Movement virgins to prey upon. He will never have better hunting ground.


profsafety said...

I hope he chokes on a chicken wing.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Amen, brother, amen! I agree with every word you say. And of course, don't forget that Josh Duggar and his parents also actively campaigned against LGBTQ people (especially trans people) as all being inherent child molesters, while covering up their own actual history in this area. Dan Savage had some brilliant commentary on that particular hypocrisy.

DrGoat said...

Truer words have never been spoken.

Precious Princess of Banananland said...

So much trueness. Absolutely sickening. These fucks had enough kids to create their own self supporting cult.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That will continue their inbred hlllbilly ways for decades to come. No, I say we take off and nuke them from space now.