Monday, July 25, 2016

Goodbye To Hell On Wheels

Hell of Wheels ending beautifully. I am sorry it is over. Now I need to find a new show to love as much as I did this one. Anson Mount gets a free pass for life from me for bringing Cullen Bohannon into my life. I was very pleased to see the next chapter in his life now that he has built his railroad. Given the choice to kill Indians for the government (and how cool was the General Custer cameo) and go find Mei, he chose life and chose to do what would make him most happy. It was JUST what I wanted to see Cullen Bohannon do. That final scene was a gift. What I wouldn't give to see a Hell on Wheels movie that shows what happens when Cullen gets to China. All the best shows leave you with wanting more while feeling you got just enough. If you have watched this show from the beginning like me, I know you understand how bittersweet this weekend is for me because you are feeling the loss as well. I have never met a person who started this show then decided it 'wasn't for them'. It's that good. I will miss saying that weekly as well. Sigh.

I hope that everyone who reads my blog finds this show on Netflix and it too becomes something they binge on. I watched weekly and felt blessed to have something awesome to watch on a Saturday night. Except for COPS that time of the week is a TV wasteland.

Thank you everyone involved in the production.
 Ya done good and your work lives forever.


DrGoat said...

My sentiments exactly. And yeah, Custer showing up was cool. He meets his own fate a bit later. Deservedly so by some standards.
I did get one person hooked at work. She's on season 2 and thoroughly engrossed. Since there are only 6 people where I work, it's a pretty good percentage. So sad, with so little else worth watching on the tube, but one of the better series I've ever seen.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I agree. I am glad I got those five years to know these characters. Everything ended with possibilities. I was very happy with it the more I think about it.