Friday, July 29, 2016

I Miss Them


Stupid greedy corporate bastards can't find a way to share the profits from exploring this concept to it's fullest degree. Some kind of Netflix type show would be HUGE and worthy of the Fantastic Four. If you can make Ant-Man into a kick-ass movie then this family of monsters is a no-brain concept that I am sad is lost in legalities.


DrGoat said...

Too bad. Would be great to do an original Fantastic 4 show. Like they used to be.

Tim Knight said...

This is the main reason I'm mad at Marvel these days. The FF are my team, the characters that got me into comics, and their absence from the roster is a glaring omission. Marvel needs a well-written FF comic now more than ever!

jester59388 said...

Bare minimum .... The world NEEDS more Benjiman J. Grimm!!! Can't we at least get a "Thing" title??